La Regalade

A Friday evening in June

We dropped by MC’s place to do some prep work for D’s car project the next day. And MC suggested dinner together with two of his friends. We tried Les Faux Bourgeois and no luck to get a table for 5 at the prime dinner hour on a Friday evening. MC really wanted something French and suggested La Regalade in West Vancouver. So off we went driving across the bridge to the North Shore.

Upon arrival, I was totally drawn by the display of dessert at the front of the restaurant. My head was totally turned to the dessert while walking down to our table.

The server quickly brought over a small chalk board with the daily Tasting Menu on it. After studying the full menu and a short struggle. We decided to go for the Tasting Menu (everyone on the table has to order it).

Dinner first started with a Tomato & Pepper Gazpacho – a cold tomato based raw vegetable soup. The presence of red pepper added peppery sweetness to the refreshing cold soup.

After the gazpacho, the rest of the appetizers kept coming. Our table quickly get filled up with food!

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Granville Island snacks – Lee’s Donuts, Agro Cafe, Terra Breads

I think this can be an on going post. 🙂 I am at Granville Island almost every Sunday this summer. So from time to time, I was there hungry and trying to grab a quick bite. The following were just a few of them.

Lee’s Donuts:


I tried the French donuts and it’s just like a honey cruller from Timmy’s. It’s sweet, fresh and had the light airy and yet spongy texture that a cruller should be. It tasted a bit eggy too which I liked.  I didn’t really like the sugary coating outside though. So I may try a chocolate one next time.


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Elysian Coffee

Elyisan Coffee (and The Elysian Room) is one of my favorite cafes.  I was near Cambie and Broadway on this early Sunday morning (before 8 a.m.) and found out that Elysian Coffee was actually open daily at 7 a.m.!

So before my ride on the Broadway bus, I went in for a quick bite and some good coffee. The little cafe was filled with smell of freshly baked goodies: vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, banana, egg …etc. They were busy preparing for their freshly baked muffins. Looking at the selection that day, I picked a Ginger Carrot Muffin and an Americano.

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Sushimoto – Chirashi lunch in Burnaby

June 9, 2011,  Saturday – cloudy

After our crazy shopping in Burnaby at the clearance centre of Sugoi, me and K were off to look for a lunch place near by. I asked K and she felt like having some Japanese food. She suggested to try out Sushimoto near her home. I did some browsing on Urban Spoon and found a few good reviews on it. So we parked near by and walked over to this little Japanese restaurant next to the Holdom Skytrain station.

It’s actually a pretty cute restaurant with the sushi bar decorated with model kits and posters. As usual, I forgot to take any picture of the outside or inside of the restaurant.

We spotted the Sushimoto Lunch Chirashi Don on the menu for less than $10 so we both decided to get it.


The lunch set came with a bowl of miso soup which was tasty but not salty. That’s a good sign of a Japanese restaurant. The soup bowl looked small but it’s actually a decent size.


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Big Lou’s for lunch after the run

June 26, Sunday – Sunny

K and I were looking for lunch option after our sunday run. She was craving for a sandwich, one on an Italian or Ciabatta. After the attempt to a few places that weren’t open so early (before 11 a.m.), we found Big Lou’s Butcher open near Chinatown.

The store was still pretty quiet at this morning hour.



What a nice and clean butcher shop! 🙂 I wish that I lived closer to it.

So K decided to try the Chicago Style sandwich with house made sausage. ($7.50) I blogged about this over here. And I ordered the Whole Roast Beef sandwich with AAA beef, house seasonings, red wine, onions, pan mayonnaise, french baguette. ($8.50)


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