BC Craft Beer Week

May 14, Saturday

We went to the Brewery Creek Beer Festival: BC of  the BC Craft Beer Week back in May. Other than very tasty local craft beer we tried at the Drill Hall, we were able to try out Re-Up BBQ pulled pork sandwich and BeerBart’s gourmet hot dogs.

The pulled pork sandwich was as good as everyone raved about! Tender juicy pull pork with tangy BBQ sauce and crunchy slaw. Perfect lunch before drinking glasses of beer. The best part of this was: there was no lineup YET at Re-up cart. 🙂

Pull Pork Sandwich


Ap Gu Jung – Korean food on Robson

May 14, Saturday

After the Brewery Creek Beer Festival beer drinking, we met up with my friend C and we walked along Robson St to find a place to have an early bite. Since I was a bit drunk, I left that to my friends.  We arrived at Ap Gu Jung, a Korean restaurant on Robson. I had been there with my friend K and his wife R before for pork bone soup. It’s not bad for Korean food downtown.
We got the basic small appetizer dishes.
An order of chap chae (potato noodles)

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May 4, Wednesday

To celebrate E’s birthday, D asked me to pick a place that is nice but yet will feed the guys without breaking the bank. Grub on Main St came right up to my mind!

Ordering at Grub was all about the fresh sheet on the board. Both D and I decided on their $30 three course menu which is a great value!

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