Frenchies’ Classic Poutine

Oct 10, Monday – Sunny

It was Thanksgiving Day morning and I had a hair appointment in the area. Since a coworker from Quebec told me that he likes the poutine from¬†Frenchies’ Diner, I went in for a quick bite.

The owner was very friendly, the door was open but the diner wasn’t officially open yet (it was before noon). He told me that he was bored from staying home so he decided to open the restaurant and get some cooking done.




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Nu – Groupon solo lunch

I got a Groupon for a 4 courses Summer Lunch at Nu and it was about to expire. By that time, a few of my friends who got the coupon had already used them. So I decided to do a solo lunch by myself; i.e. a date with myself.

Since all the outdoor tables had been taken, I was quickly sat near the patio and presented the menu below.


It looked alright. I ordered a glass of Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc. Afterall, a date isn’t a date without a little wine. ūüôā


It took a while for the food to come, so I enjoyed myself by slowly sipping my glass of wine and enjoying the summer breeze. The view wasn’t bad at all.


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Thai Basil

After my training session (I think it was tempo running) on a Wednesday evening in August, I was walking in downtown trying to find a place for dinner by myself.  I walked to Davie and suddenly remembered that Thai Basil had been on my wish list for more than a year!!! So Thai Basil it was!


I arrived at this little restaurant at Thurlow and Davie. It was an hour from closing and they were still very busy with a few tables of dine in customers but with many more takeout orders. I remembered reading about a spicy minced pork/chicken served on rice dish and couldn’t find it anywhere on the regular menu. So I tried to described it to the server and we didn’t seem to communicate. So I continue to study the menu and 2 mins after, she brought me this lunch menu with¬†pictures! Pad Gra¬†Prow it was! It’s actually¬†not even on their lunch menu. It’s listed as a “also available ask the server” item. ūüôā


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Mis Trucos and La Belle Patate

April 27, Wednesday – rainy

I should have written about this dinner at Mis Trucos earlier. Now the detail of this dinner had¬†fated but I still remember it as very tasty and creative food. I got a¬†dining coupon for a 6 courses tasting menu for 2 people. Before I purchased the coupon, I actually had dinner there with my friend S. The experience was great (both food and service) but the portion was small which was fine with me and S. So I wasn’t sure if D would like to eat at Mis Trucos, a Mediterranean style tapas bar. I had planned a second part of the dinner in case D needed more food after.

We arrived at the small house/restaurant and told the server about our reservation (and the coupon which was noted when the reservation was made). We also told her about D’s allergy and they were very careful and very¬†accommodating¬†to it.

We both ordered the Big block ale from Red Truck which we tried again later on at the BC Craft Beer Festival.


The first course was different for me and D. I got a crispy roll with shrimp inside and an¬†aioli ¬†dip. I believed the roll was made from toast or bread. It’s a nice light starter of the meal.

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BC Craft Beer Week

May 14, Saturday

We went to the Brewery Creek Beer Festival: BC of ¬†the BC Craft Beer Week back in May. Other than very tasty local craft beer we tried at the Drill Hall, we were able to try out Re-Up BBQ pulled pork sandwich and BeerBart’s gourmet hot dogs.

The pulled pork sandwich was as good as everyone raved about! Tender juicy pull pork with tangy BBQ sauce and crunchy slaw. Perfect lunch before drinking glasses of beer. The best part of this was: there was no lineup YET at Re-up cart. ūüôā

Pull Pork Sandwich