Granville Island snacks – Lee’s Donuts, Agro Cafe, Terra Breads

I think this can be an on going post. ūüôā I am at Granville Island almost every Sunday this summer. So from time to time, I was there hungry and trying to grab a quick bite. The following were just a few of them.

Lee’s Donuts:


I tried the French¬†donuts and it’s just like a honey cruller from Timmy’s. It’s sweet, fresh and had the light airy and yet spongy texture that a cruller should be. It tasted a bit eggy too which I liked. ¬†I didn’t really like the¬†sugary¬†coating outside though. So I may try a chocolate one next time.


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Elysian Coffee

Elyisan Coffee (and The Elysian Room) is one of my favorite cafes.  I was near Cambie and Broadway on this early Sunday morning (before 8 a.m.) and found out that Elysian Coffee was actually open daily at 7 a.m.!

So before my ride on the Broadway bus, I went in for a quick bite and some good coffee. The little cafe was filled with smell of freshly baked goodies: vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, banana, egg …etc. They were busy preparing for their freshly baked muffins. Looking at the selection that day, I picked a Ginger Carrot Muffin and¬†an Americano.

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La Taqueria Taco Shop on Cambie

July 19, Tuesday – Sunny

G and I were looking for a place for a quick bite before watching a movie at Fifth Avenue Cinema. Since I was taking the transit, we agreed to meet at Cambie and Broadway.

I read about La Taqueria’s new Cambie location¬†had just had their grand opening on Monday. The lineup wasn’t long at all, so we went in and ordered our dinner.


We each ordered 3 tacos, 2 meat and 1 vegetarian. I would like to get a horchata, a¬†sweet rice¬†drink. But they told us that it’s not available yet. Also it’s cash only at the moment.

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June 2, Thursday – light rain

It’s a quick meet up and dinner with my sister at Menya. This is another place that I regularly visit. It’s very close to the studio where I take my dance lessons. I am usually temped to go for a piping hot ramen when I walk past it, especially in the cold winter time.

Since my sister was there, I finally ordered something other than my regular Nagahama ramen this time. It’s: The Nagahama Ramen Set!!! LOL

The set came with a small seasonal vegetable, spinach that day, with choice of sauce. I picked goma (sesame sauce). Pretty tasty but on the salty side and the portion was decent.

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Bistro 101 at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts – DOV 2011

January 24, Monday – Rainy

This year, I only went to three restaurants for the Dine Out Vancouver menu. The first one was ¬†Bistro 101 at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts outside of Granville Island. Their DOV 3 course dinner menu is $18 which I saw as a value meal to try out. ¬†Parking wasn’t easy and we ended up with street meter parking.

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