Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner

July 11, Monday – Sunny

I impulsively invited my friend to this LTS dinner at Irish Heather and within 2 days 12 of us decided to join! 🙂

Before going into the LTS dining area, we waited at the bar and shared an order of fries and I tried a black and tan (Guinness with Philips Blue Buck Ale) which was interesting but I prefer to drink the two beer separately. 🙂

Frankly, it had been over a month from this dinner and I didn’t remember all the food in details. The Blood Alley Bitter was good but not very memorable. The lamb main dish was very tender and gamey as lamb should be. The sauce was just seasoned right. The vegetables that came with the dish was sweet and very fresh. Desserts that we all ordered in addition to our LTS meal were very good. I loved my panna cotta! Smooth, creamy, perfect sweetness… amm…. I can sure dig into one now. I didn’t remember trying the apple bread pudding but D loved it and finished it up quickly.  Continue reading “Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner”


Big Lou’s for lunch after the run

June 26, Sunday – Sunny

K and I were looking for lunch option after our sunday run. She was craving for a sandwich, one on an Italian or Ciabatta. After the attempt to a few places that weren’t open so early (before 11 a.m.), we found Big Lou’s Butcher open near Chinatown.

The store was still pretty quiet at this morning hour.



What a nice and clean butcher shop! 🙂 I wish that I lived closer to it.

So K decided to try the Chicago Style sandwich with house made sausage. ($7.50) I blogged about this over here. And I ordered the Whole Roast Beef sandwich with AAA beef, house seasonings, red wine, onions, pan mayonnaise, french baguette. ($8.50)


They were nicely wrapped with butcher’s paper and strings. 🙂 Continue reading “Big Lou’s for lunch after the run”

Brunch at Two Chefs and a Table

Feb 12 Saturday – Rainy

Can’t believe it had been almost 4 months since my last visit to Two Chefs and A Table for brunch. It was a relaxing meal with S just for catching up…etc. 🙂 I visited their butcher shop first and wanted to try their brunch because they use house made sausages, ham (from their butcher shop) and house baked english muffins! The restaurant was full when we arrived but we only had a short wait before we got seated. The tables were pretty close to each other and there is a bigger communal table. I liked the retro decors.

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Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

February 6, Sunday – rainy

I visited a new butcher shop, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop, in Chinatown/Gastown area on my way to the Barking Mad event held in West Vancouver back in February. Parking was easy with not too pricy meter right next to the shop. It’s actually right across from the Sunrise market on Powell Street.
I needed some ground beef to make chili for dinner that night. So I asked for 2 lb of their AAA ground beef. I think the price is pretty good $7.70 for 2 lb. I ended up only using a little over 1 lb for the chili and I made Chinese steam beef patty with pickled vegetable with the rest for another meat.

I got some ground beef to make chili at home. It's way better than those I got from regular supermarket and I think the price is reasonable

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Nicli Antica Pizzeria

February 20, Sunday – clear

My friend found out about this new Pizzeria in Gastown and invited me, D and G to try it out together. Never say no to good pizza and the report from Scout Magazine sounded very promising. So we met there at 5:30 p.m. to make sure that we got a table. The restaurant was busy but not yet full. The decor was clean lined, modern and tasteful.

Their cocktails looked interesting on the menu with many of them infused with herbs. I had the Mighty Poosh and F had the Great Thyming.  D ordered a Bohemian Lager from R&B brewery.

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