Turducken – Social Feed at Big Lou’s

Sept 9, Friday – Sunny

Soon after the Fundraising BBQ, my friend G found out about a Social Feed event at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop. Since we had such a great experience with the people and the products from Big Lou’s, G, F and me quickly signed up for this dinner event. L acted too slow and the event was sold out…

* Featured local Brewery – Russell Brewing

We were served right away with the Blood Alley Bitter from Russell Brewing. This was not my first time tasting the Blood Alley Bitter, so I knew what I was getting into. I really enjoy the intense bitterness of this beer which was balanced by a rich, roasted, malty flavour.

But some were surprised on how strong this beer was. This beer was made with slightly higher IBU’s (50).

Next item being served was Sloping Hills Split Pea Soup – Crispy lardons, parsley oil. What is lardon?

I loved this split pea soup, it had the strong taste of “summer”. Both the bacon  and parsley oil add texture and flavour to the smooth, yet not overly thick, soup. I really liked how smoky the lardon bites were.

While waiting for the next item to be served, conversations surrounding food were flying at each end and in all directions across the table. Everyone at the table was passionate about food. I had never experience such crowd before. They joined butchering/sausage making/cooking classes, read local food news (Scout magazine is one) and forum as frequently (or even more so) as I do, fearless in experimenting out-of-your-mind recipes and love local food. I would say this dinner would be worth coming to even without the food. But wait, we all love food and it won’t be the same crowd without what would be served at the night. Continue reading “Turducken – Social Feed at Big Lou’s”


Ba Le Sandwich Shop

July 3, Sunday – Sunny

After my Sunday group run, I walked to Chinatown, looking for a light lunch option by myself.

I remember my friend, M, and a few other friends mentioned good Banh Mi there. So I decided to give it a try. I was wearing my running capris and jacket so this casual place worked well for me.



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May 4, Wednesday

To celebrate E’s birthday, D asked me to pick a place that is nice but yet will feed the guys without breaking the bank. Grub on Main St came right up to my mind!

Ordering at Grub was all about the fresh sheet on the board. Both D and I decided on their $30 three course menu which is a great value!

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Vancouver’s 1st Annual Foodie Feast

March 29, Tuesday – Rainy

When I read about the Vancouver’s 1st Annual Foodie Feast from James’s email (@bellagelateria), I was immediately excited! I felt bad but since this is the first year for this event, I didn’t know what to expect. Knowing how much D usually eats, I refused to take him with me that night. (sorry D. I will next year.) Instead, I invited my friend G with me to join this fund raising event for the Food Bank.

It was at District 319 on Main Street. I think this location used to be a Chinese Cinema back in the early 90’s.

It got really busy and there were lineups at most of the tables. But everyone was nice and we didn’t feel being pushed or being rushed to get food. We went ahead and had a Yuzu sorbetto at Bella Gelateria first. After pre-cleaning our pallet (lol), We went to Mochikas to get a taste of Peruvian food. I really liked their Ceviche and the Chicharron Sandwich was tasty. I forgot to take a picture of the sample size ceviche but here is the photo of a proper serving.

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Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

January 16, Sunday – Cloudy

After our depressing meal at Bob Like Thai Food, I really need something to bring my mood up. So we decided to visit Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France just around the corner on E 22nd and Main.

Both inside and outside of this little chocolate store was very nicely decorated. It felt like a corner somewhere in Europe instead of Vancouver.

They used glass jars and plates to hold chocolate truffles. All the chocolate looked so pretty and tasty! Continue reading “Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France”