Sushimoto – Chirashi lunch in Burnaby

June 9, 2011,  Saturday – cloudy

After our crazy shopping in Burnaby at the clearance centre of Sugoi, me and K were off to look for a lunch place near by. I asked K and she felt like having some Japanese food. She suggested to try out Sushimoto near her home. I did some browsing on Urban Spoon and found a few good reviews on it. So we parked near by and walked over to this little Japanese restaurant next to the Holdom Skytrain station.

It’s actually a pretty cute restaurant with the sushi bar decorated with model kits and posters. As usual, I forgot to take any picture of the outside or inside of the restaurant.

We spotted the Sushimoto Lunch Chirashi Don on the menu for less than $10 so we both decided to get it.


The lunch set came with a bowl of miso soup which was tasty but not salty. That’s a good sign of a Japanese restaurant. The soup bowl looked small but it’s actually a decent size.


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June 2, Thursday – light rain

It’s a quick meet up and dinner with my sister at Menya. This is another place that I regularly visit. It’s very close to the studio where I take my dance lessons. I am usually temped to go for a piping hot ramen when I walk past it, especially in the cold winter time.

Since my sister was there, I finally ordered something other than my regular Nagahama ramen this time. It’s: The Nagahama Ramen Set!!! LOL

The set came with a small seasonal vegetable, spinach that day, with choice of sauce. I picked goma (sesame sauce). Pretty tasty but on the salty side and the portion was decent.

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Cafe de l’Orangerie – Western influenced Japanese food


April 9, Saturday – Cloudy

My sister and her family were visiting me from Japan. One of the kids was a fussy eater (just like many other kids around). We decided to take them to Cafe de l’Orangerie, a restaurant serving yoshoku cuisine, so she could have something that she is more familiar with.  Yoshoku is Western-influenced cooking orginated during the Meiji Restoration in Japan. You typically see spaghetti, hamburgar, stew…etc on the menu which seem western but actually have a Japanese “twist” to them.

Cafe de l’Orangerie is a small restaurant at the south end of Granville Street. I found out about it from my friends (yellow tiger). It’s in a tiny stripmall with only a few other businesses and they didn’t seem busy. So parking wasn’t a problem for us. We quickly settled down and ordered.
Since it’s a cafe, I ordered an Americano (and I need a coffee to deal with the kids @@).
It’s pretty good, strong and smooth with a slight acidic undertone. (So D didn’t like it! LOL) It’s not as rich/full body as Italian espresso. But I like it regardless.

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Dinner at Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

December 3, Friday – light rain

Since our first lunch discovery of Kiriri, we wanted to return and try out more food there for dinner. My friend P was craving Japanese food and dinner with her and K were long overdue. So we  decided to meet there on Friday, less than a week from our first visit.

K and us arrived first at the restaurant and compared to last time, the restaurant looked pretty full. We were taken to our table and given hot green tea right away. Shortly, P messaged us that she will be late from her shopping across the border. So we decided to order a warm sake and a few appetizers while we were waiting for her.

We got the Maguro Yamakake (raw tuna with grated yamaimo – mountain yam) . It’s served in a very small but pretty bowl. The dark sauce and the addition of enoki mushroom was different from other restaurants. The tuna was very fresh and soft. We love the slippery, gooey texture of the grated mountain yam which is an acquired texture. It’s similar to the slimy texture of raw egg with rice.

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