Pho Han – Enjoy pho without MSG!

We were so excited when we discovered Pho Han last December. It was in Richmond and close to our home and work. There was a no MSG sign on the window and it’s another husband and wife team little germ.

Their menu is simple and covers the basic pho, vermicelli, rice plates and drinks.

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Phnom Penh – revisit before a concert

July 9, Saturday – Sunny

I went to Phnom Penh again with 3 friends before a concert. It’s as busy as usual and we waited more than half an hour for our table. But we had a good time chatting and waiting outside. The weather was so nice outside that we were not in a rush to go in.

We ordered same signature dishes.

Deep fried Chicken Wings were as good as always.

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Hai Phong Vietnamese

June 28, 2011 – Sunny

It’s our turn to pick up the CSA vegetables in the Mount Pleasant area. We went and pick the vegetables up after work and then head out for dinner.

Since we are in Vancouver, I suggested to try out a Vietnamese restaurant, Hai Phong, that I visited once before with my friend K. Last time I shared a small pho and a salad roll with her. We both enjoyed the food.

D is a big fan of pho. Every time I asked what he wants for a quick dinner/lunch he will say pho. As expected, D wouldn’t say “No” to pho. 🙂


Hai Phong is in a strap mall on Kingsway between Knight and Fraser.

I was impressed by the herbs that were served along with the noodle soup. There were thinly slice banana blossoms, shredded water spinach stems, mint, basil, raw bean sprouts, red chili pepper and lime wedges.


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Girls night out at Phnom Penh and The Diamond

Nov 21, 2010 – Cold

Two weeks ago, 3 of us decided that we haven’t had a girls night out for a while and set a Sunday night to do some catching up. I wanted to try out the drinks and desserts at Bao Bei in Chinatown so I set up the plan to first go to Phnom Penh and fill ourselves up with the good old deep fried garlic and chili chicken wings first before we head for more snacks and drinks.

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie on Urbanspoon

So 6:30 I was early and saw the HUGE line up at Phnom Penh. But we got our table after a short wait. Thinking back, I still feel pretty stupid about it. My friend noticed that there was no light from Bao Bei and later on we found out that it wasn’t open on Sundays… @@ I am usually the one who research and read about places that I want to try before head. I even know what I wanted to order from their menu but I missed their closing days.

Anyway, back to food! The Shrimp Salad Roll was served first and it was alright. The rice wrap was a bit on the dry side but the dipping sauce was pretty good.

I hadn’t had their Garlic and Chili Chicken Wings for over 4 years. They are still as tasty as I remembered them. Ammm… Garlicky, salty and crispy skin! Hard to say no to one!

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