Little Nest – brunch for the adults

After a visit to the Trout Lake Farmers Market, I met up with G at Little Nest near Commercial Drive for brunch. It’s relatively close to the market by bus. Since I arrived a bit early, I order my very much-needed morning coffee and grabbed a seat first.


It was back in August and I need something cold after my walk from the market with my heavy grocery basket. I ordered an Ice Americano. I really love that they use the letter blocks to track their orders. “S” was my first letter.

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Granville Island snacks – Lee’s Donuts, Agro Cafe, Terra Breads

I think this can be an on going post. 🙂 I am at Granville Island almost every Sunday this summer. So from time to time, I was there hungry and trying to grab a quick bite. The following were just a few of them.

Lee’s Donuts:


I tried the French donuts and it’s just like a honey cruller from Timmy’s. It’s sweet, fresh and had the light airy and yet spongy texture that a cruller should be. It tasted a bit eggy too which I liked.  I didn’t really like the sugary coating outside though. So I may try a chocolate one next time.


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Seasons in the Park – Sister’s birthday lunch

April 25, Monday – Rainy

It was my sister’s birthday. She didn’t want to deal with dining out with her baby and toddler. So we decided to have lunch at Seasons in the Park. It’s a very kid friendly place. There were lots of family enjoying their brunch. All the main courses were tasty and the pricing was reasonable. Valet parking right in front of the restaurant was almost the same as meters ($4). The dining area had a nice view of Vancouver even in the rain.

My sister’s Salmon Burger.

Salmon burger

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Brunch at Two Chefs and a Table

Feb 12 Saturday – Rainy

Can’t believe it had been almost 4 months since my last visit to Two Chefs and A Table for brunch. It was a relaxing meal with S just for catching up…etc. 🙂 I visited their butcher shop first and wanted to try their brunch because they use house made sausages, ham (from their butcher shop) and house baked english muffins! The restaurant was full when we arrived but we only had a short wait before we got seated. The tables were pretty close to each other and there is a bigger communal table. I liked the retro decors.

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