Turducken – Social Feed at Big Lou’s

Sept 9, Friday – Sunny

Soon after the Fundraising BBQ, my friend G found out about a Social Feed event at Big Lou’s Butcher Shop. Since we had such a great experience with the people and the products from Big Lou’s, G, F and me quickly signed up for this dinner event. L acted too slow and the event was sold out…

* Featured local Brewery – Russell Brewing

We were served right away with the Blood Alley Bitter from Russell Brewing. This was not my first time tasting the Blood Alley Bitter, so I knew what I was getting into. I really enjoy the intense bitterness of this beer which was balanced by a rich, roasted, malty flavour.

But some were surprised on how strong this beer was. This beer was made with slightly higher IBU’s (50).

Next item being served was Sloping Hills Split Pea Soup – Crispy lardons, parsley oil. What is lardon?

I loved this split pea soup, it had the strong taste of “summer”. Both the bacon  and parsley oil add texture and flavour to the smooth, yet not overly thick, soup. I really liked how smoky the lardon bites were.

While waiting for the next item to be served, conversations surrounding food were flying at each end and in all directions across the table. Everyone at the table was passionate about food. I had never experience such crowd before. They joined butchering/sausage making/cooking classes, read local food news (Scout magazine is one) and forum as frequently (or even more so) as I do, fearless in experimenting out-of-your-mind recipes and love local food. I would say this dinner would be worth coming to even without the food. But wait, we all love food and it won’t be the same crowd without what would be served at the night. Continue reading “Turducken – Social Feed at Big Lou’s”


Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner

July 11, Monday – Sunny

I impulsively invited my friend to this LTS dinner at Irish Heather and within 2 days 12 of us decided to join! 🙂

Before going into the LTS dining area, we waited at the bar and shared an order of fries and I tried a black and tan (Guinness with Philips Blue Buck Ale) which was interesting but I prefer to drink the two beer separately. 🙂

Frankly, it had been over a month from this dinner and I didn’t remember all the food in details. The Blood Alley Bitter was good but not very memorable. The lamb main dish was very tender and gamey as lamb should be. The sauce was just seasoned right. The vegetables that came with the dish was sweet and very fresh. Desserts that we all ordered in addition to our LTS meal were very good. I loved my panna cotta! Smooth, creamy, perfect sweetness… amm…. I can sure dig into one now. I didn’t remember trying the apple bread pudding but D loved it and finished it up quickly.  Continue reading “Irish Heather – Long Table Series Dinner”

Mis Trucos and La Belle Patate

April 27, Wednesday – rainy

I should have written about this dinner at Mis Trucos earlier. Now the detail of this dinner had fated but I still remember it as very tasty and creative food. I got a dining coupon for a 6 courses tasting menu for 2 people. Before I purchased the coupon, I actually had dinner there with my friend S. The experience was great (both food and service) but the portion was small which was fine with me and S. So I wasn’t sure if D would like to eat at Mis Trucos, a Mediterranean style tapas bar. I had planned a second part of the dinner in case D needed more food after.

We arrived at the small house/restaurant and told the server about our reservation (and the coupon which was noted when the reservation was made). We also told her about D’s allergy and they were very careful and very accommodating to it.

We both ordered the Big block ale from Red Truck which we tried again later on at the BC Craft Beer Festival.


The first course was different for me and D. I got a crispy roll with shrimp inside and an aioli  dip. I believed the roll was made from toast or bread. It’s a nice light starter of the meal.

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BC Craft Beer Week

May 14, Saturday

We went to the Brewery Creek Beer Festival: BC of  the BC Craft Beer Week back in May. Other than very tasty local craft beer we tried at the Drill Hall, we were able to try out Re-Up BBQ pulled pork sandwich and BeerBart’s gourmet hot dogs.

The pulled pork sandwich was as good as everyone raved about! Tender juicy pull pork with tangy BBQ sauce and crunchy slaw. Perfect lunch before drinking glasses of beer. The best part of this was: there was no lineup YET at Re-up cart. 🙂

Pull Pork Sandwich

Ap Gu Jung – Korean food on Robson

May 14, Saturday

After the Brewery Creek Beer Festival beer drinking, we met up with my friend C and we walked along Robson St to find a place to have an early bite. Since I was a bit drunk, I left that to my friends.  We arrived at Ap Gu Jung, a Korean restaurant on Robson. I had been there with my friend K and his wife R before for pork bone soup. It’s not bad for Korean food downtown.
We got the basic small appetizer dishes.
An order of chap chae (potato noodles)

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